I'd like to touch on the importance of implementing body fat% into your arsenal of "tools" you use when targeting and working toward your fitness and health goals. As the title suggests, your scale could very well be lying to you...or at least not telling you the whole truth! You see, a scale only measures pounds gained & pounds lost. It DOESN'T tell you what those pounds are comprised of. It could be a pound of water (most likely), a pound of fat or a pound of MUSCLE!!! Losing water is almost unavoidable- when you exercise with intensity you're going to sweat. And, another area that contributes toward dehydration, & is often overlooked, is respiration. As your pulse increases you're going to breathe harder & harder- ever exhaled against a piece of glass/window or a mirror & you see the "fog" on the surface? That's moisture leaving your body! Multiply that by how many breaths you take & exhale during a good hour of exercise & the amount is substantial. 

   So, after your hour of strength training or cardio or Spin class the weight loss will be great enough to register on a scale. However, as mentioned earlier the scale will only show weight lost & not where that weight came from. This is why regularly measuring your body fat percentage is crucial. We want those disappearing pounds to be coming from FAT & some water- which can easily be replenished. The primary goal to healthy "weight loss" is to ensure that you're keeping the muscle & burning the unhealthy fat.


Why Your Scale May Be Lying To You